Deleuze and Guattari’s books defy our casual assumptions about what it is to read. So while it may seem like they’re trying to keep you out with esoteric jargon, that’s not it at all. They are not easy to read, sure, but not because they’re trying to be difficult but because they know how to party. They give you so much — so many fantastic invocations (birds songs, wolf packs, paintings, films, novels, science, philosophy) along with a delirious proliferation of figures and concepts, fancifully and playfully named. You can always snatch a figure, ignore the rest, and just go…

As of September 1, $ANATHA — the native rewards utility token of the Anatha ecosystem—will be available through BHEX, an Asian market focused exchange.

An ethos-driven organization, Anatha is dedicated to helping end global poverty by creating what it calls a “crypto sharing economy” in which 50% of all value generated on the network, along with 25% of the inflation model (1% per annum), is fed directly back to participants, continuously and automatically.

The company believes that distributed systems and cryptocurrency are an opportunity to essentially rewrite the entire global economic system. Suddenly, thanks to this new technology, the tremendous…

Take my online seminar on D&G. It’ll be over three consecutive Tuesdays in September — September 7, 14, & 21 at 5:30 PT/8:30 ET. Enroll here.

I could not be more excited to be teaching a live, if virtual, seminar on the great French philosophical duo of Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari for the venerable Renegade University (where I also have a recorded course on Nietzsche). As a former professor in Berkeley’s famed Rhetoric Department, I instinctively create course descriptions and readings. So here it is.

Thinking (Everything) Differently: On Deleuze and Deleuze & Guattari

In his introduction to Deleuze & Guattari’s first book, “Anti-Oedipus,” Michel Foucault suggests that…

I talk with Thaddeus Russell at length about, among other things:

  • Marshal McLuhan’s notion of the environment — in which we live so throughly, we don’t even know to question it. And the alphabet in particular as an example.
  • How 2+2=x depends on the rule set and conditions. After all, life is in flux and the world is all undulating planes. On some, 2+2 no doubt = 4. In others, who knows? Is 2, in fact, fungible? Sometimes…..
  • Which is the mantra of the sophist: It depends…..
  • Deleuze and Guattari as creating what Michel Foucault calls an Introduction to the Non-Fascist Life —fomenting and proliferating difference.
  • The will to difference vs. the will to unity
  • Cryptocurrency as undoing the environment of money—and how Anatha is recoding the world itself.
  • And more!

Cryptocurrency & the Rise of Money as a Product

Apple turned tech specs into a position, an argument about its technology: it stopped selling “speeds and feeds” and instead offered a brand — an ethos, a reason to believe. Crypto needs to do the same thing. And what is more deserving of brand positioning than money? What speaks more to people’s feelings, values, beliefs? We brand paper towels, phones, and delivery apps…so why not money?

People Never Stop to Question the “How” of Money

We walk around this life, work, dine out, buy clothes, pay for all kinds of things including sales, income, and capital gains tax, all using our dollars, won, euros, yen, pesos. …

What’s most misleading about the word “wallet” is that it suggests that “money” flows out. We carry wallets in the world not to acquire money but to spend it as we make our way buying lattes, lunch, and gadgets. It’s very rare to have money flowing into your wallet as you go about your day. But crypto “wallets” should sit at the juncture of our very participation in the information economy, “money” flowing in and out continuously.

Whenever a new technology demands new modes of thinking, we generally resort to old metaphors. For example, we still talk about web pages

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

Anatha is building a system that disintermediates the existing social and financial infrastructure by creating decentralized applications for individuals that generate the same value we see today from the world’s largest corporations—only, in our system, that value flows automatically and continuously to the community rather than to corporate owners.

Decentralization to Re-Craft Civilization

Anatha is an ethos-driven decentralized technology company. We believe decentralization and cryptocurrency have the power to re-craft civilization by pointing the tremendous value unleashed by the information economy towards fundamental structural problems such as global poverty.

That is, rather than having all our information, attention, and engagement on the internet generating…

In Steven Soderbergh’s new film, the screen is no longer a neutral site for representation, a blank slate that is effaced by the images playing on it. No, here the image is inflected and so it inflects, a concavity that bends the action and images, just so. But the screen will never have been neutral, never have been blank, never have been receptacle: the screen is in the mix with everything else.

One of the striking things about Steven Soderbergh’s new film, No Sudden Move, is the persistent use of a fisheye perspective. The very space of the film is…

Crypto is not a fad, scam, or get rich scheme. Crypto marks our inevitable entry into a new economic era. Today, we live in the elaborate remnants of an industrial economy — and yet we’ve entered an information age in which data can be considered the most valuable asset in the world. Crypto and decentralization mark our collective historical movement into a new economy: the Information Resource Economy.

The Sorry State of Crypto Conversations

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in crypto is the madness and inanity of its public discourse. On the one hand, there are the old worlders of mainstream media and…

On June 15, 2021, Anatha will launch a public sale of its native token, ANATHA (as well as the launch of our mobile app on both iOS or Android). We are excited to be one of the first sales to accept credit and debit cards at the outset — with a $25,000 limit, the highest ever — in addition to ETH and BTC. We believe accepting fiat is essential to making our network, and the transformative power of decentralization, accessible to as many people as possible.

Because we don’t believe crypto is just an asset: it is a radical technology…

Daniel Coffeen

Former Berkeley Rhetoric prof turned…what? Anatha Comms. Wrote this, too:

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