Back on the Unregistered Podcast

I talk with Thaddeus Russell at length about, among other things:

  • Marshal McLuhan’s notion of the environment — in which we live so throughly, we don’t even know to question it. And the alphabet in particular as an example.
  • How 2+2=x depends on the rule set and conditions. After all, life is in flux and the world is all undulating planes. On some, 2+2 no doubt = 4. In others, who knows? Is 2, in fact, fungible? Sometimes…..
  • Which is the mantra of the sophist: It depends…..
  • Deleuze and Guattari as creating what Michel Foucault calls an Introduction to the Non-Fascist Life —fomenting and proliferating difference.
  • The will to difference vs. the will to unity
  • Cryptocurrency as undoing the environment of money—and how Anatha is recoding the world itself.
  • And more!