• Yogita Abrol

    Yogita Abrol

  • Julia Ogrydziak

    Julia Ogrydziak

    violin, computer music, digital design, fiction, color, information design, chaos & complexity, mathematics, photography, architecture, fashion

  • Lindsay Meisel

    Lindsay Meisel

    Writer, strategist, rhetorician. If you send me something to read, I’ve already read it.

  • kim



  • William J. Tolley

    William J. Tolley

    Learning Design Coach, Teacher, Traveller, and Writer based in Taiwan. The best evidence of learning is the stories we share.

  • marco dollenz

    marco dollenz

    Artist - DJ - Casual Observer of politics 'n stuff https://www.mixcloud.com/marcodollenz2/ https://soundcloud.com/marcodollenz

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