Spreading its Crypto Sharing Economy to Asia, $ANATHA Lists on BHEX

As of September 1, $ANATHA — the native rewards utility token of the Anatha ecosystem—will be available through BHEX, an Asian market focused exchange.

An ethos-driven organization, Anatha is dedicated to helping end global poverty by creating what it calls a “crypto sharing economy” in which 50% of all value generated on the network, along with 25% of the inflation model (1% per annum), is fed directly back to participants, continuously and automatically.

The company believes that distributed systems and cryptocurrency are an opportunity to essentially rewrite the entire global economic system. Suddenly, thanks to this new technology, the tremendous value created by people’s information, attention, and creativity can flow directly to the very people whose information, attention, and creativity it is—to you, to the community, to everyone participating. This creates a bottom-up and regenerative information based Universal Basic Income (UBI) that can lift every person on the planet above the global poverty line.

This is the main reason Anatha is working with BHEX: to reach the vast underbanked, poverty stricken population of Asia. The company will be announcing other partnerships in the region, and worldwide, that will help put this technology into the hands of those who need it most — the people who are not just locked out of global banking but locked out of the very flow of capital itself. This is precisely what the Anatha ecosystem addresses.

By listing on BHEX, the company hopes to create an easy on-ramp to the Anatha ecosystem. The Anatha app, available on desktop and mobile for iOS and Android, is a new breed of wallet that sits in the middle of a growing nexus of financial and social application. Underlying this elegant and powerful omniwallet is a protocol layer mechanism called the Anatha Torus that feeds the network’s value to participants, automatically and continuously.

In order to participate in the Anatha crypto sharing economy, all people have to do is register a crypto handle—which Anatha calls an HRA or human readable address. By registering this simple @name to send & receive all the tokens Anatha supports, you automatically participate in the Anatha Torus, receiving more $ANATHA daily. An HRA subscription is one $ANATHA for one @name for one year.

Edward DeLeon, Anatha’s CEO, will be participating in a series of AMAs through BHEX (see below). You can also read more about how the Anatha crypto sharing economy works on their website.